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Rediscover | 5:17 People

Step One – Rediscover

Remember the new lease on life that you had when you became a Christian?

…What happened to it?

  • Maybe your Christian experience has become a list of dos and don’ts.
  • Guilt over your ongoing struggle with sin chips away at your joy and slowly paralyzes you.
  • You might figure that God is disappointed or even angry with you and withholding his blessing because of your poor performance. “I will never measure up!” you say.
This happens because we forget an important truth. The gospel is not just what make us Christians, but the gospel is the way we grow as Christians!

FREE E-Course

How to Restore Hope for Your Relationships

  • Gain Hope, Confidence and Purpose
  • Discover the root cause of conflict and the Gospel remedy
  • Understand how to apply your Identity in Christ to everyday life challenges

Experience it Live!

Let us come to speak to your church or small group.
Be encouraged with:


... the intense beauty and power of the Gospel for the Christian


... our new identity in life and relationships.


... to keep the Gospel fresh in our minds as we meditate on it and live it in and through our homes.